Warlock by Dean Koontz

Warlock (1972)

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Publisher: Lancer, New York    
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  The Blank was the time, near - forgotten but for the legends that remained as fancies, when the Earth's crust shifted mightily, and towering mountains rose where no mountains had existed before. New coastal lines were formed, while jungle became desert, and desert and grassy plain became the bottom of the new seas. The old world was gone... but the legends remained. And they told of marvels hard to believe, even among men who had mastered the powers of the mind. The stories told that before the Blank men possessed marvels almost unbelievable; it was even said that the old people had conquered the skies (and, in whispers, space itself). Men like Shaker Sandow knew there was the truth in the fancies...and then a would-be master of the world uncovered a trove of pre-Blank treasures, and once more the world turned toward all-consuming war!
First Sentence:        
  In the cluttered study on the west end of the house, Sandow sat at a desk which was strewn with archaic texts whose pages had yellowed and cracked with the passage of much time.

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