The House of Thunder by Dean Koontz

The House of Thunder (1982)

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Publisher: Pocket Books, New York - Published under the pseudonym Leigh Nichols    
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  She woke up in a hospital room, barely able to remember her own name. What secrets lay hidden within Susan Thornton's mind? What terrible accident brought her here? And who were the four shadowy strangers - waiting, like death - in the darkened corridors? One by one, Susan unlocked these mysteries. And step by step, she approached the torment of her past - a single night of violence, waged by four young men in . . . The House of Thunder.
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  When she woke, she thought she was blind. She opened her eyes and could see only purple darkness, ominous and shapeless shadows. Before she could panic, that gloom gave way to a pale haze, and the haze resolved into a white, acoustic tile ceiling.

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