The Face of Fear by Dean Koontz

The Face of Fear (1977)

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Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill, New York - Under the Pseudonym Brian Coffey    
Book Description From Cover:      
  Don't look down
Because you're trapped. With a beautiful, terrified woman. On the 40th floor of a deserted office building. By the psychopath they call "The Butcher."

Don't look down
Because he has slaughtered the guards and short-circuited the elevators. Because the stairways are blocked, and for you and the woman with you, there's only one escape route.

Don't look down
Because 600 feet of empty space are looking back at you.
First Paragraph:        
  Wary, not actually expecting trouble but prepared for it, he parked his car across the street from the four-story brownstone apartment house. When he switched off the engine, he heard a siren wail in the street behind him.

They're coming for me, he thought. Somehow they've found out I'm the one.

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