The Dark Symphony by Dean Koontz

The Dark Symphony (1970)

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Publisher: Lancer, New York    
Book Description From Cover:      
  Men came home to Earth, home from the stars...home to rule a world that they hated! But Earth was easy prey, for there was little left after the last of the atomic wars, except for pathetic mutants picking a living in the ruins...and others, cretures no longer even remotely human, who threatened to supplant the last strains of real man. The men from the stars moved in, bringing their star-born societies, setting themselves up as masters over the mutant world...a world of creatures not even fit to be slaves! But the mutants were still there, too many to kill off, and the new races plotted together against the masters from the stars!
First Sentence:        
  Loper hung five hundred feet above the street, his twelve fingers hooked like rigor-mortised worms over the glassy, featureless ledge.

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