Strange Highways by Dean Koontz

Strange Highways (1995)

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Publisher: Putnam, New York    
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  You are about to travel along the strange highways of human experience: the adventures and terrors and failures and triumphs that we know as we make our way from birth to death, along the routes that we choose for ourselves...and along others onto which we are detoured by fate.

You'll be mesmerized. You'll be scarified. You'll be changed...from the first page of this the last day of your life.

From Dean Koontz, master of imaginative fiction and the creator of New York Times bestsellers Dragon Tears, Midnight, The Bad Place, Watchers, and Hideaway, comes and extraordinary collection of two complete novels, and twelve tales of the bizarre..."
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  I don't own a copy of this book, but I have read it. If you have this information, Please let me know.

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