Starblood by Dean Koontz

Starblood (1972)

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Publisher: Lancer, New York    
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  Timothy was not human - not if by human you mean a man with two arms, two legs, two eyes. Of the first criteria, he had none at all; of the last, only one. And even that one was misplaced.

Timothy was born of human stock, of course - but not of woman. He was the product of the artificial wombs, a strictly military venture, and when he was born the technicians shrugged, and consigned him to custodial care. They expected him to die within five years, like most of the freaks.

It was in his third year that they discovered Timothy to be something more than human. Cheated of a normal life through his physical deformities, nature developed his brain - and talents that were peculiarly his. Talents that would help him survive in a world made for the normal people - survive, and perhaps even more!
First Sentence:        
  Timothy was not human.

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