Santa's Twin by Dean Koontz

Santa's Twin (1996)

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Publisher: Harper Prism, New York    
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  "Someone has stolen Santa's bank card!"

Combining the tongue-in-cheek charm of a modern classic with the timeless magic of cherished holiday tradition, here is a new Christmas story guaranteed to delight children of all ages - including those who pretend to have grown up.

At the request of his fans, bestselling novelist Dean Koontz has created a contemporary masterpiece that is destined to take its place alongside "The Night Before Christmas" and A Christmas Carol as a perennial Yuletide favorite.

Santa's Twin is the hilarious and heartwarming story of two little girls, Charlotte and Emily, who set out to save Santa from his mischievous twin - Bob Claus - who has not only stolen Santa's sleigh, but has stuffed his toy bag with mud pies, cat poop, and broccoli! Plus, he's threatening to turn Donner, Blitzen, and the rest into reindeer soup! And look at the mess he's leaving under the tree!

How the brave but foolhardy sisters fly to the North Pole and rescue Santa from his "deeply troubled" twin is an utterly charming and unforgettable story that will add sparkle to your holiday season.

The first major new Christmas story in decades, Santa's twin is sure to bring joy that parents can share with their children. Lavishly illustrated by Phil Parks, this thoroughly modern masterpiece breathes new life and warmth into the world's most beloved legend.

Read it aloud, preferably to someone whose laugh you love to hear.

And Merry Christmas!
First Paragraph:        
  Well, now Thanksgiving is safely past,
more turkey eaten this year than last,
more stuffing stuffed, more yams jammed
into our mouths, and using both hands,
coleslaw in slews, biscuits by twos,
all of us too fat to fit in our shoes.

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