Prison of Ice by Dean Koontz

Prison of Ice (1976)

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Publisher: Lippincott, New York - Published under the pseudonym David Axton    
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  Thundering action, unrelenting suspense, and well-developed characters make Prison of Ice a first-rate thriller.

The crises: a murderous famine caused by a worldwide drought. The possible solution: giant chunks of Arctic ice, split from the pack by high explosives and towed to northern ports to be melted for water.

Deep in an Arctic winter icefield, eight U.N. scientists have planted sixty powerful bonbs set to detonate automatically at midnight. But before they can withdraw to the safety of their base camp, a shattering tidal wave breaks the ice on which they are working away fromt he main mass, setting it adrift and hopelessly marooning the scientists with the bombs in place, and ticking..."
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  With a crystal-shattering shriek, the bit of the power drill bored deep into the Arctic ice. Gray-white slush churned out of the hole, sluiced across the crushed snow, and refroze in seconds. The flared auger was out of sight, and most of the long steel shank also has disappeared into the four-inch-diameter shaft.

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