Midnight by Dean Koontz

Midnight (1989)

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Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York    
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  A chilling tale of inexplicable deaths and spine-tingling terror from the unparalled master of suspense.

Strange deaths have occurred in picturesque Moonlight cove, an idyllic northern California coastal town - "the edge of paradise" to some but increasingly the edge of sheer terror for others. Certain residents harbor a secret so dark it could cost even more lives - in and beyond Moonlight Cove

Tessa Lockland comes to town to probe her sister's seemingly unprompted suicide. Unusually hopeful and unfailingly optimistic, Janice was hardly the sort to take her own life. In exploring the circumstances of her death , Tessa comes harrowingly close to the secret of Moonlight cove . . . and in the process places her own life in jeopardy.

Sam Booker, haunted by ghosts of his own, is another town newcomer. A federal agent operating under cover, Sam has been sent to Moonlight Cove after the formal FBI investigation failed to discover the truth behind the mysterious string of deaths. He's faced terror before, but nothing he's encountered has prepared him for the cripling fear that seizes him in Moonlight Cove.

Chrissie Foster, an eleven-year-old whose family lives on a ranch in the hills north of town, is on the run from her parents. They are not the same loving people who raised her; they've changed. Darkness dwells in them now. And they are bent on instilling that darkness in their daughter.

Harry Talbot, a wheelchair-bound veteran, lives with his faithful dog, Moose. From his windows, Harry has seen things he was not meant to see, things he can scarcely believe. If the wrong people learn all he's witnessed, neither Moose nor Harry's skill with a revolver will keep the two safe.

In Midnight, these four will be drawn together to make a stand against the swiftly descending darkness that may soon bring endless night to Moonlight Cove.
First Paragraph:        
  Janice Capshaw liked to run at night.

Nearly every evening between ten and eleven o'clock, Janice put on her gray sweats with the reflective blue stripes across the back and chest, tucked her hair under a headband, laced up her New Balance shoes, and ran six miles. She was thirty-five, but could have passed for twenty-five, and she attributed her glow of youth to her twenty-year-long commitment to running.

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