Invasion by Dean Koontz

Invasion (1975)

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Publisher: Laser, New York - Originally published under the pseudonym Aaron Wolfe - Revised and released as Winter Moon in 1994    
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  In Los Angeles, a hot Hollywood director, high on PCP, turns a city street into a fiery apocalypse. Five die. Heroic LAPD officer Jack McGarvey is badly wounded and lands in the hospital for months, uncertain he'll walk again. While he's out of commission, his wife and young son are left to defend themselves against both the criminals that control an increasingly violent city and the dead director's cult fanatic fans.

In a lonely corner of Montana, Eduardo Fernandez, the father of McGarvey's murdered partner, witnesses a strange nocturnal sight. The stand of pines outside his house suddenly glows with eerie amber light, and Fernandez senses a watcher in the winter woods. As the seasons change, the very creatures of the forest seem in league with a mysterious presence. Fernandez is caught up in a series of chilling incidents that escalate toward a confrontation that could rob him of his sanity or his life - or both.

As events careen out of control, the McGarvey family is drawn to Fernandez's Montana ranch. In that isolated place they discover their destiny in a terrifying and fiercely suspenseful encounter with a hostile, utterly ruthless, and enigmatic enemy, from which neither the living nor the dead are safe.
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  Death was driving an emerald-green Lexus. It pulled off the street, passed the four self service pumps, and stopped in one of the two full-service lanes.

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