Hanging On by Dean Koontz

Hanging On (1973)

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Publisher: M. Evans, New York    
Book Description From Cover:      
  Super Snafu

It all began when Major Kelly's Army engineers were dropped into Nazi-occuptied France and ordered to keep a bridge open until the Allies arrived.


Except the mission was a secret and nobody knew they were there - nobody except the Luftwaffe, which kept bombing the bridge...

Which meant the GI's kept rebuilding it...

Which meant the Luftwaffe kept bombing it...

Which meant the tension was doing funny things to Major Kelly's men's minds...

Which meant anything could happen-AND YOU CAN BET YOUR LAST C-RATION IT DID!
First Sentence:        
  Major Kelly was in the latrine, sitting down, his pants around his ankles, when the Stuka dive bombers struck.

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