Dragonfly by Dean Koontz

Dragonfly (1975)

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Publisher: Random House, New York - Published under the pseudonym K.R. Dwyer    
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  The Committee, a group of powerful CIA fanatics, has friends in the Mafia, the Congress, in every important department of government up to and including the President's Oval Office. They are funded by a reclusive billionaire, and they have always gotten what they wanted. Now they want everything.

This timely and chilling thriller, in the tradition of The Manchurian Candidate, is edge-of-the-chair suspense fiction...with the future of the world hanging in the balance.

Enraged by the Chinese-American detente, the Committee conceives a sinister plot to destroy vital portions of the Chinese population. Their weapon is a Chinese youth (code name: Dragonfly) who had been surgically implanted with a deadly virus. He has no memory of what has been done to him, yet he walks around, a human time bomb, set to explode at the right moment, and release the plague within him, killing hundreds of thousands of his countrymen. He must be found.

Thus begins a bizarre and violent odyssey, shifting from Washington to Peking and back. A poignant love story provides the counterpoint to a fast-paced and spectacular plot; the combination makes Dragonfly a book readers will not be able to put down.
First Sentence:        
  When he woke shortly after three o'clock Wednesday morning, Roger Berlinson thought he heard strange voices in the house.

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