Dark Rivers of the Heart by Dean Koontz

Dark Rivers of the Heart (1994)

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Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf, New York    
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  A man and a woman - she is a figure of mystery, he is a mystery even to himself - meet by chance in a Santa Monica bar. Suddenly - first separately, and then together - they are fleeing the long arm of a clandestine and increasingly powerful renegade government agency: the woman hunted for the information she possesses, the man mistaken as her comrade in a burgeoning resistance movement.

The architect of the chase is a man of uncommon madness and cruelty, ruthless, possibly psychotic, and equipped with a vast technological arsenal: untraceable access to the government's systems, weaponry, and materiel. He is the brazen face of an insidiously fascistic future. And he is virtually unstoppable.

But he has never before come up against the likes of his current quarry. Both of them - survivors of singularly horrific pasts - have lived hidden, nomadic, solitary lives. Both have learned to expect "savagery as surely as sunrises and sunsets." Both have long been emboldened by their experiences to fight with reckless courage for their own freedom. Now, they are plunged into a struggle for the freedom of their country, and for the sanctity of their own lives.

Once again, in Dark Rivers of the Heart, Dean Koontz has given us an electrifying thriller, a feat of the imagination that steers us just along the razor edge of a familiar, terrifying reality. It is the work of a master suspense storyteller writing at the pinnacle of his form.
First Paragraph:        
  With the woman on his mind and a deep uneasiness in his heart, Spencer Grant drove through the glistening night, searching for the red door. The vigilant dog sat silently beside him. Rain ticked on the roof of the truck.

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