A Darkness in My Soul by Dean Koontz

A Darkness in My Soul (1972)

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Publisher: Daw Books, New York    
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  "Superman - or Supermonster?

Although he was the first successful product of the Artificial Creation laboratory - the government workshop for the production of new talents by tampering with the genes of the unborn, Simeon Kelly would work for them only under compulsion. And the compulsion the generals applied to get him to probe the mind of the thing called Child had to be the greatest. Because Child was anything but that. In that incredibly monstrous infant appeared to be the potential for whole oceans of inventions and an entire cosmos of total creativity. But Child was vicious, insane, and short-lived.

The encounter of Simeon Kelly inside the soul? mind? cosmos? of this final gene-construct is a novel which spans the crises of the present with the whole ultimate mystery of Creation itself - possibly the most serious novel ever written by the rapidly rising SF talent of Dean R. Koontz."
First Sentence:        
  For a long while, I wondered if Dragonfly was still in the heavens and whether the Sphere of Plague still floated in airlessness, blind eyes watchful.

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